Past Crisis in the Americas

Geographic location of current research projects
by GDRE labs. Annual extremes in annual rain total.

Modified from Atlas of Ancient America, M. Coe et. al 1986).

The European Scientific Coordination Network (GDRE)
"Past Crises in the Americas"

This network has been established in 2011 to foster scientific cooperation among
European research labs specialized in Americanist studies in the field of archaeology,
ethnohistory, epigraphy, and iconography.

The general topic of the Network activities is the study of crises, that is, rapid change
experienced by past societies in the American continent, including the European conquest
and expansion. Sometimes referred to as "collapses" of "great American civilizations"
(Andean Nuclear Zone, Mesoamerica, Mississipi, Pueblos and others), most of these past crises did not result in the disappearance of ancient American peoples, but rather deeply transformed their societies, polities and empires.